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Popular journalists and food bloggers discovered the “secrets” of original Feta cheese and Greek yogurt image
08, June, 2022

Popular journalists and food bloggers discovered the “secrets” of original Feta cheese and Greek yogurt


OLΥMPUS / HELLENIC DAIRIES Group (HD) had the honor to welcome to its premises in Trikala, a group of well-known journalists and food bloggers from US and Canada. This one-day visit was part of the Feta promotional program “Training trips to Greece from US and Canada” under the auspices of the National Greek Milk Organization (ELGO). The visitors had the opportunity to be exposed to the OLYMPUS sustainable business model, that pays special attention in all aspects of food-making; from the animal well-being to transportation, production, packaging, warehousing, and waste treatment, always taking advantage of the latest technology available.


HELLENIC DAIRIES Group (HD) has direct access to more than 4000 small-sized Greek animal farmers, building long-lasting relationships with them and collecting annually more than 3M liters of high-quality fresh milk to produce safe and healthy dairy products.


Being the No1 Feta cheese producer, HD is commercially active in 47 countries around the world, with its 11 subsidiaries offering a wide range of Greek origin products, including Feta Cheese and authentic Greek Yogurt. Traditional products that offer high nutritional value along with a distinctive taste, and that have been recognized for their exceptional quality by independent international bodies and organizations (iTQi, DLG and World Cheese Awards)


Everything started in the early ‘50s when the Sarantis family started being active in the cheese and yogurt making. With passion, love and respect to the traditional recipes, their products shortly touched the heart of consumers in the small community of Trikala, Greece.


Since then thanks to its business principles of using carefully chosen raw milk and applying traditional production methods, constantly investing in infrastructures, people, and R&D, operating in an environmentally sustainable way, and implementing animal welfare schemes, HD has evolved to becoming the leading Dairy of Greece. Moreover, in the last few years it expanded from a purely dairy industry to a food company. HD has adopted the strictest quality assurance standards (BRC, Grade "A", ISO, IFS) collaborating with well-known International Institutions, independent labs and Universities.


HELLENIC DAIRIES Group, being the fastest growing Dairy Group and achieving top financial performance every year, is enjoying a strong leading market position in Greece and Southeastern Europe, while its export business contributes over 50% of the Group sales.


Its main brand, OLYMPUS, is highly associated with the Greek values and considered the “quality” brand in Greece, since it has been voted as the super-dairy-brand by the Greek consumer for the last 7 consecutive years.



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