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The website, as most websites, uses small files called “cookies” which help us improve your browsing experience. The present webpage includes the following detailed information on cookies:

  1. What are cookies? Why are they there?
  2. What are the kinds of cookies and how are they used at
  3. Deactivation of cookies in your Browser
  4. Useful links for cookies
  5. Review of statement

If you do not find the information you want on cookies, on the present webpage, you can e-mail us at: [email protected]. We will be glad to answer you.

When you browse, it means that you give your consent to the use of cookies, as described in the present Cookie Usage Policy.

If you do not agree on the way we use cookies, you will have to set your Browser accordingly, or do not use

If you deactivate the cookies we use, this may affect your experience as you browse our website.

  1. What are cookies? Why are they there?

Cookies are small files stored by your Browser on your computer, tablet, mobile phone and generally on the device with which you browse

Each cookie contains information, such as usually the Website name from which it comes, the “duration of its life” (namely, for how long it will remain on your device), and a value, which is usually a number.

In fact, cookies allow websites to store various anonymous information, such as, for instance, the visitor’s preferences or whether he/she has visited the website before.

On the Web Pages of, cookies are used so that users can browse the website more easily, in order for us to adjust it better to your interests and needs and improve its use and functionality. For instance, when a user visits a webpage with open comments, a cookie enables his/her connection to the form of comments’ submission.

Furthermore, cookies are used for the drawing up of anonymous visitor statistics and also so that we know how you have found our WebPages. These statistics help us understand how you use our website so that we improve its structure and content.

In any event, we cannot verify your personal identity from cookies. Cookies are stored exclusively on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and keeps no file or database with your personal data.

  1. How are cookies used on

When you visit a webpage of, the following kinds of cookies may be created:

Next, we list detailed information on each one of these kinds of cookies.

Α. Cookies for improving website performance

This kind of cookies is used for storing your preferences concerning the tools our website provides. For instance:

Β.Cookies for anonymous visitor statistics

Every time you visit the webpages, anonymous cookies are produced for the collection of visitor statistics. These cookies are produced by third-party services, such as Google Analytics, and are used so that we know:

  1. Advertising Operations of Google Analytics has activated the Google Analytics service, which provides us with anonymous visitor statistics, the following advertising operations:

These functions allow Google Analytics to collect data about your traffic via the Google advertising cookies

( and the anonymous identifiers

(, on top of the data collected via the Google Analytics basic application.

In no case, do we allow your personal identification.

If you wish, you may be exempted from the advertising operations of Google Analytics. See the available exemption choices from the Google Analytics advertising operations for your browser here:

  1. Advertising cookies

These cookies allow us to know (us or the advertising companies working with us), if you have seen an advertisement or a type of advertisement and how much time has passed since then. Also, we may use third-party cookies for a more accurate definition of the advertisements you see (advertisements based on interest). For instance, if you visit a webpage of ours on travels, we may exploit this piece of information to display holiday advertisements.

A big part of the advertisements displayed at are provided by other advertising companies or generally third-party cookies. Some of these companies produce their own anonymous cookies to know how many users have seen their advertisement and how many times they have seen it.

These companies have their own Policies on Cookies and Privacy and has absolutely no control over their cookies. For instance, for the Google advertisements and the way of usage of the cookies by Google, you will find the Usage Policy here: and the Privacy Policy here:

Exemption from advertisements

If you wish, you can manage the Google advertisements you see at and οn other websites from the page: Settings of advertisements: On the same page you can, if you wish, be exempted from interest-based advertisements.

You can also manage the cookies of many companies used for the advertisements on the internet on the page: choices ( that is for the USA or the webpage: Your Online Choices ( that is for the European Union

  1. Third-party Cookies

As you browse our webpages, third party organizations and companies may produce their own anonymous cookies to control the operation of their applications and customize them for you.

For instance, as you browse, when you share an article of ours with the social networking services we offer (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), then these services of social networking produce cookies to remember your connection with them, and also to measure your action.

Due to the nature of cookies, has no control over or access to these third-party cookies, and no other organization can have access to the data stored on them. These third-party companies and organizations have their own Policies on Cookies and Privacy. For instance, for the third-party cookies of Facebook, you will find the Policy of Usage here: http://www.facebook/help/cookies

Additionally,  when your browse, cookies from the Flash software may be created. This software is usually installed in your Browser as an extension and it is used for displaying animated graphics or videos. For example, uses Flash technologies for the display of its videos, whereas some advertisements may display content in Flash. For this reason, cookies may be installed with the use of the Flash application in your Browser. You can read the Cookie Policy of the Adobe company which constructs the Flash program on the webpage:

  1. Deactivation of cookies in your Browser

Usually, the Webpage Browsers are set to accept all cookies. If you wish, it is possible for you to set your own Browser so as not to accept cookies from a specific website, so as to be notified when it stores cookies or not to accept cookies at all.

However, if you choose to deactivate the cookies for, we may not be able to provide you correctly with all the operations offered on our website. For instance, the annotation service will not be able to know if you have been connected and hence, you may not be able to make any comments.

To learn more about the cookie settings in the various browsers, the following links may be useful to you. Alternatively, click on the choice: “Help” in your browser or go to the information of the specific program.

  1. Useful links for cookies

  1. Review of Legal Statement

We preserve the right to make any changes and corrections in the present statement. Please, go to the webpage from time to time, to checkout the present and new, additional information.

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